Post-ebruary #21: Optimal timing.

We need to stop meeting like this WordPress. It seems lately that due to time constraints and other priorities that I am writing most of these posts at a time that I consider one of my least optimal in terms of creativity, work capacity and overall effort. It makes for posts that are about less thought through ideas or subjects that are very easy to write about. My level of effort does not need to go to any depth and that, quite simply, means you are not getting the best of me. The very posts you’ve been reading, although relevant, have been shallow thoughts that I just churn out on the whim.

I’m a firm believer that everyone has their own time window in which they work at their most optimal capacity. When I say this I am referring to when the brain is most active, there’s plenty of physical and mental energy and in this period of time is when creativity and productivity hit that sweet spot. For me, it’s in the morning right after my workout. Usually between 8-10am. Almost all of the best ideas, the ones that have manifested into realities, occurred when I had the first sip of my morning coffee post-run or swim.

Give me a run and a coffee, then I’m good to go.

Song writing, art, this blog, video ideas, podcast ideas, asking people for help, writing essays, planning lessons, the list can go on… Even booking holidays and making travel plans mostly occur to me at this point in time. If I am engaged in something which hinders me from making any productive moves in this time then I just make sure I have my journal and pen nearby to write down any ideas that I can refer back to. However, even when I do write down the idea, when I look at it later on in the day I often look over it. The best tactic in that situation is for me to wait until the next day and to be back in the magic window.

I guess it makes sense, my brain is flying with endorphin and dopamine from the exercise, the initial caffeine hit sends me into overdrive and then Ive typically just eaten my porridge which means my energy levels are being replenished. This magic combination just gives me the feeling that I can accomplish anything. It’s the best time to get hold of me to arrange a meet up as I often optimistically commit to anything I like the sound of at that time. The lethargic lazy “I can’t be arsed” feeling is a long way away and I’m ready for just about anything as long as it plays on my interests.

This was my breakfast the other day. That chorizo sausage and sweet potato dip has been on my mind ever since.

So for this podcast, I have tactically arranged interviews at this sweet time in order to get the best out of them. The recipients might not enjoy it but I just know that for me, this is going to be how to get the best end result. Don’t forget, first episode will be out on 3rd March at 12pm!

Today’s athletic update: 2 mile swim, last cross training session of the week as I’m back to running tomorrow – hoping the hip is cool with that. Strength session this afternoon felt incredible, some of the best lifts I’ve done in a while but I think thats because I’m not going into the session with fatigued legs from the run. Although, I just prefer running overall so thats not going to change for a while!

Carpe Omnia.

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