Post-ebruary #20: Not feeling it.

Sometimes, I just don’t feel it. Right now for example, I’m just not feeling it. For the most part, I’m a productivity junkie that likes to seize the opportunity of every moment I possibly can. Even in the moments that don’t allow me to be productive or work on my ideas, I try to find some kind of use for them. Obviously I prioritise running and fitness activities but those aside, I want to spend as much time as possible being productive. Even if that productivity is spent on a long walk, listening to a podcast or just taking in the surroundings and thinking on ideas.

50k steps is a productive day “off” for me.

However, sometimes I reach a point in the day where I just don’t want to do anything. As the post title says I’ll just “not feel it”. “It” being the productive energy that manifests inside me almost all of the time I’m awake (and sometimes asleep #dreamsareideas). Right now, is one of those points.

Why am I feeling like this right now? Well, lets analyse my day: I woke up at 6am, headed to the pool and cranked out a 2 mile swim. I returned home for some gourmet porridge and then headed out on a walk to listen to a Joe Rogan Experience podcast, I ended up walking for 3 and a half hours and it was bliss. The air is become so spring-like and I’m welcoming the season change with open arms, I love the spring. Anyway, upon my return, I had some lunch (chicken, avo and spinach wraps) and then worked on a video for my Dad. At 3pm I headed to my Nan’s to see her and have a coffee, then walked into town to get some food shopping and a new book. That leads me to right now, I’ve sat down and I’m over doing any more productivity.

My breakfast this morning was A star material.

That said, I opened my laptop and thought that I better write this post which I guess counts as productivity. Following this I plan on cooking dinner too, which I guess is also productivity. Maybe my conclusion to all this is, despite the fact that I am “not feeling it” I’m in fact still “doing it”. All is not lost. Maybe my moral is, even when you’re not feeling like it, it might surprise you as to how much you are doing anyway…

Today’s athletic update: 2 mile swim, 10 mile walk. Back in the pool tomorrow and then hopefully I can put the trainers back on for Friday morning and crank out a nice long run.

Carpe Omnia.

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