Post-ebruary #19: For mental wellbeing.

Today I woke up at 6am, as per usual (if not a little later than my typical 5:50am) and headed to the pool. I churned out a bliss 2 miles of front crawl which was nice but the lane got relatively busy half way through. I do like swimming but it is annoying having to share a lane. A dream of mine would be to live somewhere with my own 25m lane in the garden, or better yet a big lake with a mountain backdrop thats got fresh clear water. We can all have a dream.

Running and views.

Anyway, for most people I guess this workout would be enough and if they were to follow it up with any training (unless they’re training for triathlon) it would likely be strength work in the gym. Which is exactly what I did yesterday as I like to strength train 3-4 times a week. However, today I was driving home from this terrifically boring first aid at work course and just could not fight the urge to run. Now, I love running and it doesn’t take much reading of these posts to figure that out. This evening was a fine example of why I love running.

I pulled into my drive and without even entering the house through on my kit, bashed out a quick warm up and took off. 4 easy miles along the country lanes as the sunset and did it’s thing with the sky. Running gives me a release like nothing else. It makes me feel incredible, even if its been a bad run or not what I’d hoped, I still feel elated as my feet glide down the road. I love to immerse myself in thought or get preoccupied in my surroundings, sometimes so much so that I totally forget I’m even moving and my legs go into a sort of autopilot. It’s a sport like no other and I’m just so glad I’ve got it.

Running 😎

Today’s athletic update: Well, unless you’re only reading this part of the post then you’ll know that it was a 3200m swim and a 4 mile run, followed by core work, mobility and some stretches.

Carpe Omnia.

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