Post-ebruary #13: I’m making a podcast.

I’m going to do it. Having reflected on yesterday’s post, I think I am just going to launch right into it and make my own podcast. Why? Well, for one, they’re ridiculously easy to do – especially for a musician who owns plenty of recording gear. I have high quality microphones and a good level of knowledge on how to EQ speech. Also, I like the idea of listening to these not-quite-successful stories as influence.

Almost there…

About the podcast
I’m calling it “Almost”. The titles I was thinking about yesterday are a bit to negative and don’t really shed light on inspiration. However, “Almost” sums up what the podcast will be about without it seeming a negative.

What’s it about?
I intend to interview people who are either still trying to make a success of something, preferably a creative endeavour but perhaps athletic too, and discussing the challenges and frustrations. Or I am going to interview and talk to people who have flat out given up on their journey, perhaps they’re perusing something new or perhaps they no longer have any goals.

If YOU are one of these people then you need to get in touch with me ( or use any of my social media links below).

When will it come out?
I’m going to go ambitious and saying weekly. I have signed up to anchor so we’ll see what the upload rate is like and if I can schedule a certain day but I feel like weekly can happen.

Why am I doing this?
I guess, its a way of me expanding myself online, furthering this blog and myself as a creative. It also gives me a great excuse to reach out to other creatives, athletes and inspirational people! Let’s see that I can do it, only one way to find out…

Any questions? Fire away…
@bramgolde (instagram)
@benedictgolde (twitter) (email)

Gotta love a good swim 💪🏻

Today’s athletic update: 2 mile recovery swim in the pool, easy pace. I like swimming but I instantly miss running. Tonight I am going to rest, recover and get ready for more miles tomorrow morning. Also, its Wednesday which means my girlfriend and me have date night, tonight we’re making pancakes – I’m excited!

Carpe Omnia.

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