Post-ebruary #12: unsuccessful stories.

I’m a big fan of podcasts, interviews and books where successful people talk about their journey to where they are now. Finding out about the wild stories of dedication and seizing every opportunity that came that persons way, or the moments where they had doubts or were at all time lows but through them built their way up – its inspirational to listen to. A podcast I was listening today was talking about serendipity and how its essential to create opportunities or put yourself in the right places at the right times. I found this very inspiring, although when I think about it I’m not sure what the right place and time is for what I really want for my ‘success’. Anyway, thats for another blog post.

Cruising along the highway to success…

I have a bit of a theory when it comes to listening to people who are successful tell their stories of inspiration and, most of the time, tell us aspirational creators/entrepreneurs/musicians/artists/writers to follow our dreams. Despite me taking a lot of influence from these stories and also making sure I note down as well as act on the advice, I often wonder whether it would be more beneficial to hear about unsuccessful people’s journeys. Find out the mistakes that lead people to not be able to achieve what they dedicate their time too? Of course a successful person is going to tell you how its a simple equation of hard work and patience, but thats easy for them to say because it worked for them. How about the people that worked equally as hard, are still persistently trying and can’t see what they’re doing wrong? I want to know their stories, what happened to them that made their out come so different?

So, perhaps this should be a podcast. “How I failed” or “Why it never worked out”. These sound terribly pessimistic titles but I think the information that would come out of them would not be negative, it would be positively informative for those of us who are still underway in our journey. I suppose one issue would be that most people who didn’t achieve their success have given up and that could maybe be the reason that they aren’t successful? The other issue with this podcast idea is it takes a lot for people to admit that they haven’t made quite the success that they hoped they would. If you work hard and put plenty of time into something, with the idea that the effort will someday reward you a successful career, then it’s hard to admit that it hasn’t quite gone to plan. Although, maybe to talk that through would work as therapy?

The best therapy is running therapy.

Anyway, what do you think? Should I start a podcast and interview people who aren’t quite what they thought they’d be? People who have put more time and effort into something for it only to not manifest into what they hoped it would? I’m not sure, maybe it’s a terrible idea?

Oh well…

Running 🧡

Today’s athetic update: 15km run along my favourite route, again it was perfect – running always is. I did a strength/mobility session at the gym this evening which is when I was thinking up this post. Exercise and running is much more than just a physical release for me, it’s genuinely more about the mental side of things than it will ever be the physical for me personally.

So am I starting a podcast or…?

Carpe Omnia.

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