Post-ebruary #8: Where I am vs. Where I want to be.

Where I am:
Life is good. It’s definitely not bad in anyway. Athletically I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in; I’m churning out high milage with great form, my PB’s keep increasing, I’m stronger, I’m more flexible and I’m just generally feeling at one of my healthiest. My social well being is at an all time high thanks to certain human’s I have in my life and I’ve made decisions recently that, despite seeming scary, I feel very positive about as they enter me into a new stage in life. My job is fun and it allows me working hours that I enjoy, it has it’s moments but as does every job. On the whole, I don’t feel I have a lot to complain about and compared with other era’s of my life, this one is definitely the best so far.

Life is good when you own “good times” socks. It’s even better when you have to use them to keep your ya day warm because you forgot your running gloves.

So where do I want to be?
Well first off, lets just highlight the fact that I have a high functioning, dopamine addicted, productivity obsessed creative mind that constantly looks for that instant gratification from creativity and exercise. This means that, no matter where I am in life, I always want more – I always want that next level up. Why? Because thats how you grow as a human, you keep striving. Sometimes this means I can overlook how good the present moment is, something that I feel I get better and better at the older I get.

My preferred method of going about working towards the next level is to compartmentalise my goals into short term, mid term and long term goals. The idea being that accomplishing the short term goals lead to the completion of the mid term goals and therefore get me ever closer to the long term goals, which are forever evolving and adapting the closer they are to being achieved. The long term goals are meant to sound ambitious, they are meant to sound almost a little bit unachievable, but the point is to work hard at the short and mid term goals to make those long term goals that bit more attainable.

I know this isn’t that relevant but how’s this for breakfast goals…

In regards to where I want to be in life, the short term goals should be goals to complete within the next 3-6 months. The mid term goals are 12-18 months and the long term goals are more so 2-3 years. I find this an easy way of assessing where I am in life and a good incentive use my time productively.  These goals may not stay the same and a whole bunch of life circumstances can cause deviation, but keeping them somewhat general usually means that they stay relevant. Also, I should mention that there are other goals such as run a sub 3-hour marathon and complete an ultra, that are less so about where I am in life and more about things I’d like to do. Although I still hold these types of goals in high regard, the short, mid and long term goals are created with the ‘where I am in life’ mantra in mind.

So here are my goals:

Short term
“Independence” – I want to move out of my parents house (again). Owning a house seems terrifying and a large commitment but in the long run its a much more sensible idea than renting which, is just throw away income. The trouble with buying a house is that, 1. it’s not as instant as my high paces mind would like it to be and 2. it comes with a whole bunch of people around me saying things like “best keep your travel plans for future dates”. Travel is about as integral as working a job for an income, in that, I do not plan on not travelling just because I am going to buy a house. This is a short term goal that is in process and I’m looking forward to it happening.

“Enterprise” – It’s time to start getting some kind of enterprise off the ground. To start with, I’m thinking something simple. Even something like selling merchandise through this website or putting a few songs on a stock music website. Integrating the process of entrepreneurship into my every day life is a good way to learn about business and also show the world that its a quality that I possess. Also, I really like the idea of it because it will be fun. When I’m teaching learners about enterprise I sometimes catch myself mid sentence saying something like “if you want to do it, then just get on with it and do it!” time to take my own advice.

Mid term 
“Qualifying” – I’m a third of the way through my teacher training qualification and, although I have stated that I do not plan on continuing as a teacher for the long term future, it does gain me a useful qualification that I can use at any time. In fact, with the qualification I get I can even lecture at universities, which is something I could see myself doing in the future, obviously alongside my plan to start some kind of business.

“Evolving” – this refers to content creation. So far my content creator life extends as far as everything I have ever put into the public realm. Everything that band has released, the YouTube content and even the writing on this blog. However, I want to elevate it all, take it to another level. I would like to release new music, however and whatever that might be. I would like to revamp the YouTube channel and maybe start putting out vlogs, podcasts, etc. Also, I would like to amp up this site a bit, get a new layout, add a store, get it to a point where its getting plenty of traffic?

Long term
“Self employment” – Other than the obvious, this refers to having that office/studio that I open up every working day after my long morning run to start “work”. Work referring to my career job, the way in which I earn money to live and feed my potential future family. I’d like to make this a reality before age 35. 7/8 years of hard work and I’m sure this can happen.

The probability is that I’ll be writing a blog post then under a similar theme, in which I have the studio and self employment but want something more. However, as I said before, thats the way to grow.

Anyway, enough rambling. Better get back to “work”.

Mornings are lighter, warmer and spring is on its way. Splits season will be here before we know it.

Today’s athletic update: 15km run this morning felt incredible. My legs took off, feeling floaty light and springy. It was one of those runs where I got completely absorbed into thought and forgot I was even running. The kind of run where I could probably just keep going and going. Strength and mobility in the gym this afternoon and then tomorrow I have a long one, stay tuned.

Carpe Omnia.

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