Post-ebruary #7: Songwriting.

Something cool happened. Like as far as the cool things that have happened to me in my life, it’s probably only of a 40-50% worth on my “cool” scale threshold, but it’s still cool. There’s been a lot of talk on here and also a lot of thought in my mind around this “starting a business” venture. Only, as I stated yesterday, I’m not entirely sure on what that business looks like. It’s not drive, hard work, motivation and all the usual requirements that I lack in order to be a successful entrepreneur; it’s actually the overall idea of how I see my “business”.

Song writing set up 🙌🏻

However, fate would have it that I’ve been given a sign. I was carelessly checking my Facebook messages yesterday evening, to notice that I had a few message “requests”. Being the skeptic that I am, I assumed they’d be nothing but spam or adverts but oh how wrong I was. In fact, I had several messages from a country songwriter who is responsible for writing one of my favourite all time country songs – “There was this girl” (performed) by Riley Green. This being the very song I covered when relaunching my YouTube channel. He’d posted the cover onto his Facebook saying it is one of his favourite versions of the song he’s written. The message he’d sent me was just a kind acknowledgement of how much he appreciates my version of the song and that he likes it. I’m stoked.

Through this kind gesture though, a light bulb has flicked in my head. Oh man, how obvious has this been all along. I guess for me, the idea of making a career out of songwriting just seemed so unattainable due to it just not being something that many people do. Getting a few songs published and having recording artists sing them would certainly warrant a route to that studio/office that I so desperately desire. If some dude from Nashville, Tennessee is making his living doing it and getting to write hits like “There was this girl”, then I’m sure I can give it a good go. It’s not like I don’t already have the equipment, tools and even songs themselves to start the process.

What I currently do at work isn’t all that bad. I like the idea of making a living from songwriting though 👌🏻

Another really cool element to this story is the fact that the “show your work” mantra that Austin Kleon preaches (putting your work out there no matter what because that way people can access it, as apposed to it just laying dormant never to be seen/heard) is ringing true right now. Perhaps time to restart the uploads on YouTube again? Even though those last few videos only have about 10 views a piece. If opportunities to talk to legitimate career wielding songwriters comes from them being there, then they’re worth putting up!

Pretty cool. So here’s to the start of my journey into making a career of songwriting, blogging, running and all my other endeavours.

I love running.

Today’s athletic update: 9 miles, easy pace, low heart rate. Keeping the legs ticking over. Another strength/mobility gym session this evening to get those muscles and joints in line. I love running so much.

Carpe Omnia.

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