Post-ebruary #5: Business.

Business, enterprise, entrepreneurial skills. I’ve been on and on about a career that involves working for myself, operating out of an office or studio that is mine, where I call the shots. Now, I don’t want to own my own business because I dislike having a manager or even that I don’t enjoy being told what to do. On the most part, I actually do quite like having an overarching manager and someone to look to when a problem arises. I also enjoy that I never have to worry about sorting my own finances and that there is a HR department that will sort out any issues I have with this and that.

For a little while I’ve wanted to own a coffee shop, only I think I’d drink all of the coffee.

The overlaying reason I want to own my own business is that I feel like it is the only way to be doing what I truly feel I am worth. It is also the only way I feel I can stretch myself to see what I am truly capable of as a human being in this life. To get deep for just a paragraph or two, we have one life and we might as well make the most of it, as part of me making the most of it I want my career to be my success and not a success that is part of someoneelse’s.

My biggest issue, and an issue I’ve always found when approaching this, is that I’m not entirely sure what my business should be or what it would do. For a long time, I guess I was looking at it in a way where I thought a business needed to only operate to do one thing and that was where it made its success. For example, if you open a barbers to cut people’s hair, it is fairly obvious what you are selling and providing. However, saying you’re a musician with an enthusiasm for fitness and health, who is a qualified teacher and aspiring content creator, then how on earth to you compile that into an understandable package?

I suppose what I am getting at is, when there is no obvious end result, its hard to know where to being exactly.

Can I own a business that is just me running, taking photos and talking about it on the internet?

Writing these posts definitely gets me thinking and it sort of helps me make sense of these confusing situations. A lot of successful entrepreneurs talk about how you shouldn’t have an end result in mind, you should just start anyway, hence why I am going to keep writing on this blog and creating content (and hopefully uploading it too).

So whats your advice readers? What business suggestions and advice have you got for me? Where should I start this journey of ‘becoming my own enterprise’?

Who knows?

Today’s athletic update: 9.5 miles, outside, where I belong. Treadmills are not where I like to spend my precious run time, let’s hope the weather keeps to its usual schedule and no more down pours at 6am. Tonight I’m strength training with some mobility work to keep those joints fluid.

Carpe Omnia.

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