Post-ebuary #4: Procrastination.

Oh my lord, procrastination is my least favourite feeling. Almost everything I do in my life, I do not procrastinate; running, blogging, meal prep, reading, sleep, creative work, entertainment, music, etc. There is one certain activity however, that I am incredibly good at procrastinating. The reason I am so good at procrastinating this activity? I don’t really enjoy doing it.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.45.53
My new journal… An accurate way of how procrastination makes me feel.

My favourite activity to procrastinate: Doing my teacher training course work.
I quite like writing, I quite like researching and I don’t even mind studying. I do a lot of self-led studying; especially into sports nutrition, running and creative/lifestyle activity. However, when it comes to my teacher training, instead of just focusing in and getting it done, I like to find anything and everything else to do first. In fact, right this second I should be writing the remainder of an essay which is actually in for tomorrow but instead I’m writing this blog post.

I guess this follows from yesterday’s post about wanting even more out of my career. I look at teaching as a career path and I know that although I do enjoy what I do, this isn’t what I want to be doing for the next 10 years, maybe even 5 years. Teaching as a profession is rewarding and it certain satiates my creative needs, makes use of my skills and it is fun. However, for me personally, I still want that office/studio that I open up with my keys, with no managers or senior staff to have to listen to or be inspected by and absolutely no worries of ticking all the OfSted boxes.

I guess, this is the reason to my procrastination. The underlying thought of knowing that this isn’t really what I want out of life causes me to deviate to doing other activities that I feel are more useful to what I would like out of my career life. It seems simple, the ultimate formula for procrastination = things you like doing vs. things you don’t like but are necessary. So how do I go about combating this? Or should I go about combating this? The procrastinating usually leads me to be productive in areas that I wish to be productive in, perhaps more so than if I didn’t have the teacher training to procrastinate. Perhaps not fighting this is the ultimate reward. Hopefully future Benedict will be writing a post about how glad he was that he put minimal time into his teacher training and put all the time into blogging, running and creative content.

Who knows?

I blog on this platform for fun and because I enjoy it but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want it to become part of my career. I’d happily incorporate blogging into this business in which I own an office or studio space. My girlfriend said, instead of trying to make it all happen, just keep going and let it all happen. I thought that was incredibly valuable advice. So I guess thats that, I’ll just let it all happen. In a year and a half I’ll be a qualified teacher who procrastinated most of his studies, but with a few hundred blog posts to show for it.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.46.53
Keeping treadmills to a minimum.

Todays athletic update: 10 miles on the dreaded treadmill. The last time I stepped on a treadmill was when I was in America last October. I don’t like a treadmill very much but I’ll take it over not running at all, I still need my fix. Today is was raining and windy, not just spitting either but full on pouring. Perhaps if I wasn’t straight to work afterward I would have braved it but I just didn’t fancy it. So I stuck on a Joe Rogan podcast and wilfully kicked back 10 miles. Strength training tonight and that’ll be Monday all wrapped up in a nice little packet.

Carpe Omnia.

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