Post-ebuary #3: Carpe Omnia.

Carpe Omnia: seize the opportunity.

I’m not gonna lie, I read this on a urban outfitters long sleeve t-shirt. I like it as a sentiment though, it’s a good quote to live by. The hardest part, knowing what is an opportunity and what is not.

Sometimes opportunities are obvious like getting a job offer or winning a competition. Other opportunities come in packages that are less well presented. Moments in my life that have gained me great success or fulfilment have sometimes felt like they weren’t an opportunity at all. I’d love to think spending time putting these words up on the Internet is some kind of opportunity.

Pic from this morning’s run. I would say that I’m pretty good when it comes to seizing the moment and making the most of every day.

My biggest issue, and please let me know if you experience this too, is I know I want more but I’m not sure what that more is. I like where I am in life, life is good, I just would like to maintain an upward curve.

I love the idea that “work” would be my own business. That’s definitely a goal of mine, looking at the next 5-10 years. Opening up my studio or office after my morning run, spending the day creating and inspiring. Even if it’s a teaching style business, I want my own space and to be my own boss. It’s just about figuring out how to go about that. Anyone have any recommendations?

My athletic endeavours are a simple ladder to climb. I want to go further, I want to go faster but really, all I want is to continue to be able to run for at least an hour a day, every day and enjoy that. Mixed with the swimming and strength training routines, if I can maintain a schedule like this right up until I’m an old man then I’ll be more than satisfied.

Life is good. I just want to make it even better.

Anyway, I thought I’d just put some thoughts into words. You know, therapy.

Today’s athletic update: 11 miles. It’s a Sunday and typically I try and churn out a longer run on a Sunday, seeing that my usual weekday run is 9-10 miles, 11 miles isn’t much of a long run. Considering I’m in the midst of marathon training too, I should have probably aimed for longer. Last week I hit my furthest run so far in this training period of 15 miles and I did want to do more today. It’s okay though, I’m not annoyed, it was a lovely beautiful morning along the river. I might even up the milage by going for a second run later on!

11 miles, easy pace.

Thank you for reading.

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