Keeping consistent.

I’ve made some pretty big decisions recently. Some of which cannot be revealed just now, however I will say that it involves, what has been, a huge part of my life no longer being a part of it. I don’t want to describe it as coming to an end because I don’t see it as the end of something, rather a change of priorities or a chance to add more energy to other areas is a better description. My concerns are that I will fade out of relevance in that area completely but I feel as though the motivation and passion is still as equal to stay relevant, if not be more relevant in the areas that I want to excel further in.

Relevant photography…

“Don’t become a pedestrian”. I guess my biggest fear is that now this element is no longer in my life, there’s a chance for the time I would have spent doing it going to waste. Which would adversely cause me to just fade into the big wide world. Though, again, I don’t think this will happen as it’s just not part of my personality to let that happen. Although I’m not entirely sure where the energy and time will be channelled, I still fully plan on printing my stamp firmly onto the world so there is something to show for my whole existence and not just the last 5/6 years. Those who know me might have started to guess what it is I am referring to but I’ll leave the rest of you to speculate.

I have no plan on stopping any of the activities I enjoy and I have no plan on letting my relevance in the big wide world fall unknown, this is just a shift of priorities as a result of becoming less passionate about one thing and more passionate about others. It’s time for a change but change is good and I honestly feel good about this one.

Big reveal will come soon but in the meantime, just know that this isn’t me quitting something, this is putting time into something else and that’s okay. It’s healthy in fact.

This morning’s miles 🙌🏻😎🏃🏼‍♂️

Running is going well, just in case you were wondering. 10 miles this morning before work. Incredible.

Keeping consistent.


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