Its been a whole week.

A whole week?! Yes, a whole bloody week with no blog post. That’s one of the longest times I’ve gone without posting, and I don’t feel good about it I must admit. My excuse? I don’t really have one. Again, I’ve been prioritising other activities but if I’m honest, I’ve just gotten lazy. I’m back into the habit of watching YouTube or scrolling over Instagram in moments of downtime. I’ve got a whole lot on my mind that I’d like to post about but first and foremost, I need to post about this unproductive feeling. 

As I said in my last post, it’s not like I’m being out and out lazy. Running is going well, I’m in my usual routine, I’m on top of my teacher training work, I’m doing a relatively good job of staying on top of my lesson planning, I’m reading everyday etc. It seems to be the select other activities that I do not feel I am putting enough time into. As I’ve said, its not that I don’t have time for these activities either, it’s just I am putting the time into ‘relaxing’ or ‘watching somewhat mildly entertaining content on YouTube’. It’s a problem though, I would rather be using the time to make mildly entertaining content on YouTube.

Running is never a problem.

The blog needs to become a more regular activity again. When I first started using this platform, I hit a burst of productivity which waved into all the other areas of my life: I started uploading songs to YouTube, I made a few videos, I was regularly writing songs and creating art. I need another hit of that creative flow and I think the best place to start is to go back to daily blog posts. 

Another 30-day challenge needs to happen; however, this is easier said than done. I’ve outlined before how a ‘challenge’ can be a bit of a waste of time as when challenges are over, it can be hard to sustain the activity. This said, I feel like a 30-day blog challenge will stimulate the productivity in the areas I so desperately crave it to be in. 

This has little to do with the post but check out the sky on yesterday morning’s 15 miler.

Time to get this going again. Today marks the first day of 30 consecutive posts. Whether they be good, bad or just the usual of me spewing words onto the internet to keep my own head in check. 

Make great again. 

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