The need to move.

It should be no surprise that I have a constant need to move. I wake up every day at 6am (including weekends) and I absolutely have to get up and get moving. Laying in bed, sedentary and not moving, is one of my least favourite things to do and I will only ever do it should it be absolutely necessary (if I’m ill to the point where I can’t move). My favourite activity in the early am is obviously running, if not running then swimming. I don’t tend to like to gym/strength train at this time, mostly due to the fact that lifting weights is much easier in the afternoon and after you’ve had a bit to eat.

I love that I get to start every day with a run. There’s a real beauty in starting every day with something you love to do.

Regardless of the time of day, I cannot sit for very long. Unless its past 7pm and I have made sure the rest of my day was spent moving with a limit of about 30-40 minutes sitting down, I absolutely hate sitting still. It genuinely causes me stress. Today at work I was sat in a meeting, it went on a lot longer than expected. Was I stressed due to the fact that I was stuck in a meeting at work? Perhaps I didn’t feel it was ideal as I was really hoping to squeeze in an addition easy run this evening, however, it was the fact that I was forced to sit for almost 2 hour straight. I even had red patches on my face due to the heightened stress caused by the lack of movement.

Now I’m not writing all this to brag about how active I am and how productive I like to be. I know that some people loathe moving and prefer the sedentary life and that’s fine, but they must except that I am the complete opposite. Those I choose to associate with closely are very much the same. It’s a trait I look for in those that I share my time with. My whole immediately family happen to be very similar, as does my lovely girlfriend.

Just keep moving.

I guess I wanted to say all this as this need to move isn’t just a physical manifestation. It applies to the notion of movement in life. I don’t like staying in the same metaphorical place in life. I strive to reach the next goal, to achieve the next achievement on my ever growing list, to travel far and wide to places I want to go, to gain more following on my blog, to write more, read more, create more. My ambitions grow on and on and I don’t have any desire to sit still and let them be nothing but wishful thoughts.

There are certain areas however, that from the outside or for the uninformed, it may look as though I am sitting still or perhaps giving up entirely on the goal. Future announcements and information that I am choosing not to share will soon reveal to what I refer to. But know this; plans and goals change. Certain goals and dreams, I have since realised, are no longer what I wish to achieve. The drive and the ambition is still very much there, it’s just I wish to prioritise this energy into goals and achievements that I wish to have success in the other areas.

Coffee is always a winner.

There’s the famous phrase: “Winner’s never quit.” However, this is not true when put into the right context. Winner’s do quit, they quit many things. Winner’s tend to be the people who quit everything that was deviating from the activity or tasks that did not contribute them to winning. I still intend on winning and gaining traction in my life goals, just I approach them with clarity of which ones are important to me now. This means that certain areas of my life are going to be less of a priority and time will not be made for certain activities that I no longer wish to prioritise.

It’s honestly an exciting prospect and I’m excited by the future!

Today’s lovely miles.

Just in case you were curious, today started with another solid 9 miles and it was nothing but pure bliss. Damn, I love running.

Catch ya later guys.

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