For posts sake.

Hello blog. This isn’t a daily challenge upload, this is just a post for posts sake. The truth is, I’m kind of struggling with this 100 day challenge. Today I am taking a picture every hour I am awake, one of the challenges from the list, ready for an upload tomorrow. Doing the challenges are definitely making do things that I wouldn’t normally do on a day to day basis and perhaps they’re also helping somewhat with my productivity levels. However, due to their being a pressure to write about doing the challenge, it sort of takes the spontaneity out of the blog writing and therefore writing on the blog has almost lost some of its therapeutic value.

Let me explain in some more depth.

When I started this blog, it was a challenge influenced by Austin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist logbook. I needed something to challenge me to be more productive, share more of me and my skills online, put more of ‘me’ out there as it were. So far, this blog has lead to me buying a website domain, writing and recording all sorts of challenges, uploading weekly videos to YouTube, recording a song every week and I’ve generally spent a lot less time on mindless social media. Since I started the 100 day challenge however, I’ve felt a lot less enthusiastic about the posts as I’ve been more concerned about what challenge I should do.

The original 30 day blog challenge. I still haven’t made those pizzas…

So, like all good posts, the therapy kicks in as I am typing away real time. Here’s what my post 10-mile run, coffee fuelled brain has just thought up: I’m going to post every day regardless of if I’ve done a challenge or not.

The point in the challenge list is to make me do more, give me an incentive to do things that I always consider but don’t always materialise. However, in order for me to get my much needed blog post therapy and keep my productivity levels up, I am going to post on the days I don’t do challenges about whatever it is I want to post about. Sounds good right? Well, it sounds swell to me and thats all that matters.

So yes, just what I needed. I don’t know if it comes across in my writing but I often find the solution to my problems about half way through writing these posts. It’s 70% why I like to do them.

One from this morning’s run. Nothing short of rad.

Today, has been a lovely Sunday so far, I went on a slightly unplanned 10 mile run – I knew I wanted at least 8 but changed up the route about 4 miles in to an old favourite of mine. Then I prepared my food for the week like the fitness enthusiast millennial I am. Following my nutrition endeavours, I recorded this week’s YouTube upload – I now plan on creating some form of video for it. Later on, I’m off for a good old fashioned roast dinner – good times.

Anyway, see you around the block.

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