Day 5/100: 79. Make a comic strip and upload it.

I’m not 100% sure why I decided this as one of the daily challenges but whilst on my (nearly) 9 mile run this morning I decided it was the perfect one for today. Actually, last night whilst I was ‘decompressing’ from the day’s stress, I was watching this video:

Dan Mace is a film maker that I first started following when he appeared in a Ben Brown (also an awesome film maker) Vlog. He’s very talented and in his most recent video (the one above) he reveals how he makes the ‘comic book’ like stock animation parts to his films, he likes to use them to tell narrative that he doesn’t have film shots for. It’s a genius idea really; he has a permanent rig set up with a camera capturing the image from a birds eye view. He then prints out pictures and then moves them frame by frame, manipulating the frames when editing and then voila, there’s the finished product. I am genuinely interested in having a go for one of these stock motion comic book print out animations for one of my weekly music videos, which I am still uploading just by the way.

Anyhow, below is my comic strip. It is the story of my day and it took me about 20 minutes to complete. In my classroom at work, I unfortunately do not have a colour printer. Despite complaining to IT on more than several occasions, it still is only black an white ink. This meant that I had to, rather hilariously, colour in the pictures with my classroom’s pen set which are very well used due to the learners and their daily colouring activities. Anyway, look at it, laugh, whatever.

Catch you tomorrow.

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