Day 3/100: 8. Invite a friend that I haven’t spoken to in over a year for coffee.

Hey blog, it’s my birthday! Happy birthday me! To kick off my 27th year on earth, my girlfriend and I did a 2 mile swim this morning. I actually used this weekend just gone to celebrate, as I knew today would be a relatively usual Monday. A usual Monday is not a bad thing by any means but not a day suited to celebration. How does someone who doesn’t drink and hates late nights celebrate? Well I made dinner with my beautiful woman, had minced pies and ice cream then watched Christmas movies. I also had a lovely 9 mile run around Grafham Water in the early morning sunrise yesterday, bliss.

Today’s challenge came to me. Number 8, to invite an old friend over for coffee. It’s not exactly what has happened as we’re not going for coffee round mine but my old friend and I are going to meet up for burgers over the Christmas break. He actually messaged me a happy birthday message, slightly unexpected seeing as we havent spoken or seen each other for a while. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up on a suggested catch up. Actually, the reason why I wrote number 8 into the challenge list is because there’s a few too many people that I don’t contact often who once played a main role in my life.

The character in question is an old colleague of mine, one of few companions I’ve had over the years that I managed to convince to run with me and we raced 3 half marathons together and a few 10kms. The difference is, he would only train when I made him. We used to go on 8 mile runs and finish them outside the local bakery, buy muffins and croissants to refuel – good times, good memories. Shout out to you dude, and I’ll keep you blog followers posted on how are meet up goes. Bring out the nostalgia!

ET and myself after the Victoria Park Half Marathon.

I hope you all have a good rest of your Monday, wish me happy birthday if you wanna…!


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