S2: P30 – The 100 to-do’s list.

Season 2: Final Post. 

Last post of Season 2 and I’ve written a to-do list consisting of 100 items. The challenge is to complete every single one. Number 77 is to tick one item on this list starting tomorrow, so I guess it starts tomorrow. I might even print this list out and stick on my wall.

Life is all about pushing yourself, making it more than a mundane existence. The comfort zone is sometimes necessary but it will quickly swallow you whole and once you’re in its digestive track it can be really hard to get out of. This list is to combat that from happening. So here goes…

See you in Season 3 y’all.


The 100 to-do’s list.

  1. Carry on with everything that I currently do.
  2. Read everyday
  3. Write everyday
  4. Go with the flow more
  5. Post on social media more than I go on social media
  6. Stop chewing gum
  7. Be more social
  8. Worry less about the end result
  9. Create for the sake of creation
  10. Do more challenges
  11. Care less
  12. Sing more
  13. Make more YouTube videos than I watch
  14. Make some physical artwork
  15. Sell artwork
  16. Make merchandise of my own
  17. Book more physio
  18. Swim a notable distance somewhere cool
  19. Get a world record
  20. Make a cake for someone
  21. Make a design for someone
  22. Write a song for someone else to sing
  23. Acknowledge accomplishments more
  24. Run another marathon
  25. Complete a half-Ironman
  26. Complete a full Ironman
  27. Bench press 100kg for 3-5 full reps
  28. Re-string all the guitars
  29. Make a travel vlog
  30. Record a song a day for a whole week
  31. Run 10 miles every day in January for charity
  32. Help other people more often
  33. Give more gifts
  34. Give better gifts
  35. Be more comfortable with where I am
  36. Move out
  37. Go to another new country
  38. Turn down a good sounding offer
  39. Take up a bad sounding offer
  40. Eat at the fanciest restaurant in town in a full suit
  41. Pretend to be really important
  42. Go busking in Cambridge City centre
  43. Run an old route in an old haunt
  44. Go back to university just for a visit
  45. Surprise someone
  46. Run more races
  47. Use more words
  48. Buy a daring clothing item and wear it
  49. Wear those dungarees
  50. Do a TED-style talk about social media poison at work
  51. Go a whole day without looking online/at the phone
  52. Go 3 days without a phone or going online
  53. Cycle a considerable distance
  54. Climb Ben Nevis
  55. Shave more frequently
  56. Go to the book shop at least once a month
  57. Promote the blog somewhere unorthodox
  58. Book a solo gig
  59. Play a solo gig
  60. Buy a new water bottle
  61. Return the mugs back to the kitchen at work
  62. Do a food challenge
  63. Play a board game
  64. Win a prize
  65. Go to a library and read a whole book
  66. Watch back to back films at the cinema
  67. Go a week without spending any money
  68. Take Mum and Dad out for a meal
  69. Go to the southern hemisphere again
  70. Break a minor rule
  71. Try skiing
  72. Go a full day without speaking
  73. Eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner
  74. Do a full day of porridge bowls (sweet & savoury)
  75. Volunteer for something charitable
  76. Get on TV
  77. Tick one item on this list starting tomorrow
  78. Make Pizza from scratch again
  79. Open up about something I’ve never told anyone
  80. Take myself out
  81. Stay in an air bnb for no reason.
  82. Make a comic strip and upload it
  83. Run a half marathon before work
  84. Complete a retro playstation game (Crash Bandicoot) for nostalgia’s sake
  85. Arrange a get together for no reason
  86. Get an alternative haircut
  87. Blog everyday
  88. More manual writing than typing
  89. Take a train somewhere for no reason
  90. Try a new cuisine
  91. Plan the worst day ever and try all the activities
  92. Sleep outside for one night with no tent
  93. Meet a hero/inspiration
  94. Go to a gig at the corn exchange
  95. Learn all the songs in an old copy of Total Guitar
  96. Ask someone random to teach me something
  97. Throw out/sell useless items that are laying around
  98. Create something out of useless items that are laying around
  99. Buy the goddamn new Garmin watch
  100. Complete this entire list.


Peace out.


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