S2:P24 – You’re a wizard.

Season Two: Post Twenty-four.

Made a spur of the moment decision today, succumbed to clever internet marketing, I responded to an email that I received titled “10 custom stickers for £1”. I now have 10 stickers of the following design headed my way. What better first product for my online store? £1 per sticker (including postage and packaging), I’ll stick them up as soon as they arrive and I’ve gotten round to sorting out the store’s page!

This morning started as all my favourite morning’s start, miles along the river Ouse. 8.7 miles, so close to 9 that it’s a little annoying but luckily my Strava settings are in metric units and therefore it equates to a nice rounded 14km. The sun did it’s thing and the sky looked nothing short of magic. Honestly, running in the morning is my favourite thing above all, I genuinely couldn’t do without it.

Every now and then I get this overwhelming urge to re-read the Harry Potter books and ever so often get an equal urge to watch the films too. I don’t know why? Typically I’m awful at watching films I’ve already seen. It takes a lot to hold my attention to a screen for any period of time, I’m not a great fan of sitting still and prefer moving/doing activities so film watching isn’t my favourite way to spend downtime. Yet there’s something about the Potter movies that throw all the nostalgia in my face and ignite me with a child-like happiness. The books too, although they take longer, do the same.

How’s this for an embarrassing picture? This is 2013, taken at Warner Brother Studio’s Harry Potter experience.

Favourite Potter film: Prisoner of Azkaban – I feel like its the most thorough of the stories of all the films, it still has John Williams’ epic soundtrack and its where the actors start to gain a bit of confidence on-screen.

Favourite Potter book: Chamber of Secrets – I like the earlier stories where Harry’s experience as a wizard is still very new and you get to hear about his life in the muggle world. I’m always a big fan of the chapters that ‘set the scene’ if you will, before any real drama starts to kick off. CoS also has a great plot, what with Tom Riddle turning out to be Voldey.

If I was in Hogwarts I’d be in Gryffindor. I wouldn’t be in the main clique with HP and the gang, but I probably would play quidditch. I’d fly a Nimbus 2001 but would have acquired it in New York – a bit like my telecaster; a lovely looking guitar, plays well, not the most expensive but I bought it on our first ever US tour in NYC. I’d be fashionable and my wand would be customised in some way, I’d etch some custom designs into the wood and give it a unique handle. My subjects would be charms, flying and I’d be in Flitwick’s choir. The Hogwarts banquet wouldn’t know what had hit it if I showed up too…

What an incredible thing literature is.

Check you tomorrow.

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