S2:P3 – Introducing the brand. (New video up)

Season 2: Post 3.

Wednesday means a new song/video is up, please take a listen/look:

I must admit, today I feel a little blank as to what to write about. I’m sat here on my lunch break with a coffee in hand feeling a little empty minded. I just took a lesson about creating a clothing brand; one that doesn’t just offer clothes but also puts on events, expo’s, sells artwork, produces its own adverts and creates music. By the end of the year my learners are going to have created their own version of VICE, just with it being a fashion outlet too. Not that I’m over ambitious or anything like that…

Perhaps that’s what I should write about right now. In fact, I’m going to do just that. (Talk about going through the process). One day maybe, this blog will become a low key (or maybe even big time) brand.

For the lesson, I presented an example made-up clothing brand sales pitch that I had quickly designed a logo for this morning. The learners then split into groups and each group had to come up with their own brand and a sale pitch presentation for that brand – they had a two-hour lesson.

Here is the checklist they had to go through for the sales pitch:


So, for today’s post, here is my draft sales pitch for this blog, using my checklist as the guide.

Brand Name:
Benedict Golde
Benedict is my real first name, my Mum decided on Benedict because she felt Benjamin was too generic. Throughout my school years I hated the name and insisted on Ben, now in my adulthood, I actually much prefer Benedict over Ben. I always enjoy it when people call me Benedict, particularly when the person doesn’t know me well, it feels like they’re being daring. Golde is a play on my surname and partly altered so that I’m less accessible/searchable online due to my job regulations.

When it comes to making and designing logos, I always feel that if you are able to make it quickly then it is a good logo. I don’t mean rush it, I just mean that a simple and easy to understand logo shouldn’t take long to muster up. Logo’s that are intricate don’t stand out, intricacy means details which means taking time to design.

I don’t yet have a slogan but I feel like my slogan should be something motivating and fitness related, however, still general so that it applies to the lifestyle-feel of the blog.

Example ideas:
Music, miles and movement.
Music, miles and motivation.
Run miles, run life, run golde.
Golden get moving.
Golde miles, golde music.
Go Get Golde.
Golde times.
Golde in the morning, Golde for the whole day.
Run miles, run life, run golde.
Paint it Golde.

I think I’m gonna go with the top one:
Music, miles and movement.

My tagline could be “Stay Golde”.

Advert/Music Idea:
The song to my advert needs to be upbeat, relatively heavy but with a feel good vibe – something like “Anthem Part II – Blink 182”? Or maybe I could use a Ghouls song; maybe even the song we are about to release “Be” – It’s heavy and has a motivational message behind the it…

In terms of what happens during the advert visuals, the idea is: someone getting ready for a running race interspersed with someone getting ready to play a show,and perhaps also someone climbing up a mountain or boarding a flight. The climax of the advert would obviously have the runner starting the race/gun going off, the performer walking out to the crowd, receiving a cheer as he does, and the climber reaching the top the mountain/rock face. Obviously then, the slogan, tagline and logo appear.

This is obvious: my products are songs I’ve written, artwork’s I’ve created, t-shirts, hoodies, socks and coffee mugs.

Where they are sold:
On this site of course.

benedictgolde.com/shop – coming soon.


Okay, so I started writing this post with no idea of what it was going to be about and now, due to the power of caffeine and education, I have a to do list:

  • Add my new slogan and tagline to this site.
  • Create an advert.
  • Make some products to sell.
  • Get my online store up and running.

Man, I love blogging.

Peace & love.

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