S2:P2 – My day in London Underground stations.

Season 2: Post 2.

Ah Tuesday, we might be on a new season of the blog but that doesn’t deter from the fact that Tuesday’s are a day of somewhat planned chaos. However, even in the busiest of days in the most hectic of schedules there’s always some room for a quick blog write up.

In blog season one, I used these quick Tuesday posts to show my day in completely random objects and/or pictures – and so that theme will continue in this season. I shall name it “Quick-Post Tuesday”, that way we all know where we stand. You might note that I didn’t run today, this is due to having a cross-training week pre-America. I plan on covering a lot of miles whilst in the States and I want to make sure my joints and muscles are springy fresh.


So, interpret it how you want, here is how my day looked in London Underground Tube Stations:

Waking up:


I could have literally played the Saxophone. I love the morning.


Morning Coffee:

Important but rushed.


Workout (Row for 45mins as 15min x 3 – core work in between each rep):

Good but not quite Camden. (I’d rather be running)

Work part 1:




Work part 2:

Far out.


I had a stir fry.


Where everyone wants to be.

Hopefully you enjoy these “quick-post Tuesday” posts, if you have any suggestions for a quick-post then let me know.

Peace & love.


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