Changes. – NEW SONG UP!

Day 28

New song is up and posted below. Today’s release is an original song, I repeat – AN ORIGINAL SONG. ‘Untouchable’ was written and recorded by myself and myself only. Let me know what you think and be sure to subscribe for weekly videos on a Wednesday at noon, every single week.

This morning didn’t start with miles along the river, instead I opted for a 2-mile swim in the local pool. Since starting this blog I haven’t started a day with a nice refreshing dip but this morning I was feeling the need for a bit of cross-training. My routine doesn’t deviate from usual, other than instead of run, I swim for an hour. The pool is at the gym which is where I start my morning run’s from, so no real change to usual.

Whilst churning out the lengths it got me thinking about change and changing things up. Tiny daily changes can sometimes feel like the biggest deal and other times the biggest, most daunting changes can feel make you feel positive and secure. It’s funny how we react to change.

I for one, typically, find change terrifying but also think it crucial to a happy and progressive life. Part of why I get a bit anxious about weekends is due to the change of routine, I find it slightly unsettling, although I typically battle through it just fine. When it comes to big life decisions, I am often set in making them and usually have a lot of confidence when it comes to being decisive in life. It’s only once I’ve made these decisions and they become set in stone that I then typically become unsettled. This isn’t always necessarily in a negative way, most often I’m as excited as I am scared, however it can mean I’m a pain in the arse to be around when I’m going through a transitional phase.

(When I changed my job I got a haircut to celebrate the situation. An appearance change with a life change – both were definitely positive moves.)

Today’s blog post is my steps on how to deal with change, whether it’s positive or negative:

  1. Change is inevitable. 
    Whether you make decisions or not, your life is not going to stay the same. You could keep the same job, never move, eat the same meals at the same time every day, walk the same route to the same shop, etc and still eventually things would change. Even if that shop never closed or your company never closed down, you’re still going to biologically age and with that comes change. Fighting change isn’t a good idea, especially changes you have no control over. As the surf bro hippie’s of Santa Cruz – California might say “Ride the wave”. Either float along with the changes, roll with the times, or seek how you can work with them.
  2. Change is scary. 
    People often tell me I seem chilled out or they ask me “how can you be so confident?”. The truth is, I’m not always chilled out or feeling that confident – I’m just a master at appearing to be. An important lesson to grasp in life is that every single person gets anxious; you can’t feel confident and secure 100% of the time. Everyone goes through low periods of worry and stress. It’s not a personality trait or something you have or don’t have, it’s something anyone can go through at any time. So, when you are going through those times, remember that its totally okay to be going through it. You don’t owe it to anyone, including yourself, to not be going through it. Instead, try and embrace it – stratergise how you can make it as easy as possible to go through it, and remember that you will “come out the other side” no matter how long it takes.
  3. Don’t hold back. 
    Perhaps the most important thing about change is that despite those anxieties that come in making the big decisions in life, don’t let them hold you back. Embrace that you might get a bit uncomfortable, then make that decision and ride on through the discomfort. I can’t recall a time where a change in which I made the verdict didn’t eventually end up being a positive move. There’s a lot to be said about being able to call your own shots and be decisive, or at least appear to be. Often dithering on a decision can make the unsettled feeling worse and draws it out – have faith in yourself and go with your gut.
  4. Get excited.
    Adrenaline, nerves, apprehension – they can all be felt negatively, however, they can also all be felt in a positive way. If something makes you feel something, whatever that feeling might be, then the chances are that it involves a little excitement. Channel those chemical reactions in your brain to a positive feeling by letting them manifest into excitement. Life shouldn’t be lived in a sedentary state in which nothing happens, change means you are living and living life is exciting.

I am a routine-ist through and through; I enjoy the comfort of my daily doings as much as anyone else. However, if there’s a change I am in control of, despite my apprehentions, then I’ll be getting excited. If it’s something I’m not in full control of then I’ll make sure I’m ready to ride the wave. If I do fall off ‘the surfboard’, then that’s okay, I’ll embrace the discomfort until it’s over. If all else fails, I’ll become an absolute mess and write a blog post about it.

2 days left of season 1 guys. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out today’s release.
Peace & prosperity to all.

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