My day in places.

Day 27

Firstly, just so you know – I am putting up my usual song/video tomorrow at 12pm – this week it is an original song. Written and recorded by myself, never heard by anyone before. Link to my YouTube here.

Another hectic Tuesday meaning another hilariously nonsensical blog post about my day. Today has been good; busy is good. Just hard to find a space to stop and think on a Tuesday. Except for that morning run, a bliss 8 miles along the river this morning was everything I needed to prepare me for the day ahead.

Being someone who has been lucky enough to travel to a lot of different places around the world, I often think of places as having a bit of a personality. Obviously there is the personality to the stereotypical person from that place but I’m talking about the area itself having a persona. The humble mountainous Scottish highlands or the flash and fabricated Las Vegas or the calm and timid Kruger National Park in South Africa. Although this sounds incredibly deep and symbolic of humanity’s impact on the wild earth but today I am going to use places to describe my day. I’ll leave you to interpret what each place means in relation to the time in my day.

My day in places:

Wake up:  I wish I’d woken up in NYC. 

Morning Run:  Always the best part of any day.

Breakfast: Essential.

Work part 1: Chaotic paradise.

Lunch: In the car.

Work part 2: Educational.

Dinner: Healthy.

Bedtime: Sleep like a mummy. 

Catch ya tomorrow guys. Remember: YouTube @ 12 noon GMT.

Peace & love.

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