I genuinely love Monday.

Day 26

Every Monday morning, I wake up and feel a huge sense of excitement at the opportunities that lay in the week ahead. I love Monday. There was a period of time where I didn’t appreciate a Monday, though I never really understood why. The reason, I came to realise, was because I’d been told that I shouldn’t appreciate Mondays. Why? Because it’s a consensus that we’re told to follow, it’s the general conversation etiquette; people walk past you and say “Monday” with a sigh. One of the best moments of my whole adult life was the realization that I didn’t have to follow the unspoken etiquette of what I can and can’t like. I say “morning” with a big fat smile on my face, this morning I
even started singing out loud as I made my coffee.

(This morning’s miles – got me going inspirational on today’s blog post)

Someone once told to me that they don’t like when people describe the rain as ‘miserable’, because there isn’t anything actually miserable about the rain. The definition of ‘misery’ should be completely disassociated with the weather, yet we see it as a totally plausible description to when it’s wet outside. It’s the same concept with Monday.
I don’t enjoy; late nights, drinking, partying, TV, being sat down for long periods of time, pointless meetings, people who needlessly and endlessly complain, snack foods high in sugar, the list goes on… all of these are activities and/or items that media and marketing project to us every day, telling us we should have or even need them in order to achieve a feeling we’ve yet to achieveor meet a craving that wasn’t there in the first place. I do like; early mornings, running long distances, coffee, early nights, sunrise and sunset, people who can have deep and meaningful conversations, reading, music, creating/writing music and art. I could add lots to both lists but the point is, the things I enjoy are about the here and now, not wishing I was somewhere else or had something more.

(Yesterday – creating)

The problem with modern living is that we’re all chasing something that we can never reach. We’re so rarely in the moment. People don’t like Monday because they’re sold to the idea that Saturday and Sunday are so much more superior, however, there’s nothing to say that they are. The problem with time is that if you just keep wishing for Saturday and Sunday, you’re only living 2 out of 5 days a week – that’s two 7ths of your entire lifetime, meaning that five 7ths are spent longing for those other two. There isn’t a finish line/destination to life, life is the journey, the destination is the very moment you’re in – so soak it up.

(The sunrise this morning.)

I saw the most beautiful sunrise on my run this morning and I made sure I was right there with it (except for taking a sneaky picture of it for this blog). Even whilst I’m at work, I like to make sure I’m right there in the lesson, taking in exactly what is going on in the situation. I’m not buying the consumer idea of this pretend high I should be chasing or trying to find – everything I need is in the right now. Sure, there are times where I need to plan and consider the future but that’s different to living in the moment. Goals and aspirations aren’t detracting from the present and preparation is essential to both the future and the present. All I’m trying to state is that maybe the feeling you’re craving, the high your chasing, the quenching need for what you don’t have can actually be found right in front of you – you’ve already got it. Don’t be so absorbed in all the things you don’t have and miss out on it.

Deep and meaningful today. Over and out.

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