Might As Well Be

Day 24

I can’t believe it’s been 24 days since I was sat at work and started blaring nonsense and (sort of) interesting stories on the internet – how time flies. It’s rest day again, although yesterday I did a reasonably heavy squat focused strength session so it feels well warranted. Also, I’ve got a busy start so I can’t be long on here.

Firstly, before I get underway with the main story – you might notice I’m no longer on tumblr. This is a tactical move ready for the big website launch. WordPress it turns out, is much more convenient for blogging websites. Thank you to everyone who has been advising me and helping out – it’s much appreciated.


(Virginia Beach, VA, USA – Oct 2016. We’ll be returning to this coastline in just over 2 weeks.)

This morning I am in a slight hurry as Ghouls have our first rehearsal in what must be nearly a year (oh dear). The truth is, with adult life being a very real reality, we don’t get a lot of time to practice, or should I say – we don’t get a lot of time to prioritise a practice. Exciting, none the less as by the end of today’s rehearsal we’ll have our US tour set ready.

I am so ready to be in America again, especially with the lads in Riskee & the Ridicule. Running somewhere new every morning, iHop for breakfast, cheesesteaks, Walmart, over-enthusiastic customer service, the hilariously lazy car seats that feel more like you’re at the cinema, the list goes on… A challenge I want to put out there is ‘How many miles can I run in America?’ – I’ll document it on the blog.


Anyhow, what I did want to talk about is Ghouls’ new single “Might As Well Be” – it got a spin on Kerrang! Radio this Wednesday just gone. It will be out for public ears next Friday (19th October). It’s definitely in the slightly heavier bracket of Ghouls material and it’s one of those songs that I think will go down well live. In regards to what it’s about, it’s a song about recovery. The feeling you get when you’re low in mental health, especially for me , is one that constantly relates to mortality – you can’t quite shake off existential thoughts. You’re alive biologically but mentally you feel like you ‘might as well be’ dead. When you come out of those mental health lows, it’s like life suddenly hits you in the face – the same feeling I get when I go on a long run or play an incredible show. In “Might As Well Be” we tried to capture that ‘Holy shit, I’m alive and I feel good!’ feeling within a song.

I hope people enjoy all 1 minute and a half of it. Let me know what you think as and when you hear it. Don’t forget also, I am uploading songs to my YouTube account on a weekly basis – thriving creatively at the moment.

Peace & love people, have a lovely Saturday.


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