My day in Herbal Tea flavours.

Day 20

Before I start any ramblings; tomorrow there will be a new video on my YouTube channel. As part of my goals for this year, I am uploading a song/video every Wednesday at 12 noon sharp. Please check it out, I will be sure to include it in tomorrow’s post.

This morning started as usual, 8 miler along the river. It’s been the best part of today by far and the most amount of head space I’ve had since I got up. Tuesday is a busy day for me and today is particularly chaotic as technology has decided not to work in my favour, as well as a badly timed hair appointment (needs must) having to fit into the schedule. At least I can go to bed tonight knowing I made it through the day and be donning a fresh snip.

To save myself time whilst still committing to my daily posts, here is a post titled: How my day has gone in herbal tea flavours (the idea stemming from the fact that I currently have a lemon & ginger on the go).

Waking up: Sweet and tropical – it was warmer today and any day I wake up is a good day.


Morning run: Morello cherry is my favourite fruit. Cinnamon is my favourite flavour profile. Running is my one true love and favourite thing ever.


Breakfast: If I could I’d have breakfast for every meal. Porridge for life. Vanilla Chai is my favourite breakfast tea.


Work: This is where things get ropey. (one mint is enough, surely?!)


Work part 2: Nobody really likes this one but they feel like they have to. Good for the system but not for your taste buds.


Post-work stress: I mean… If nothing else, its better than hot water.

Bedtime: Oh man, pure magic.


There you go. Expect more interesting content tomorrow when I have more time, less caffeine and haven’t lost my ability to think in a hectic schedule.

Peace & love.

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