Riskee & the Ridicule.

Day 18

Rest day. Need I say more? Last night we arrived home from Salisbury at 12:35am, not an unusual time to go to bed on a Saturday night for a vast majority of people, however both my girlfriend and me are early risers who zombify into red-eyed non-functioning sloths from about 10pm onwards. Still, I’m awake this morning feeling pretty fresh because my body is an incredibly efficient machine – shout out to fitness and health (and coffee). 

Last night the band played a show in Salisbury, sharing the line up with our collective friends in Riskee and the Ridicule. As a group, we don’t have that many collective ‘friends’ within music, however since meeting the lads in Riskee, we  have been on some the most epic adventures together. They play good music which I genuinely listen to regardless of our relationship, they are really genuine and humble people and any time that both bands have shared together has only been enhanced by the company. 

There was a particular excitement surrounding last night as, in three weeks, both bands are headed for a short run of shows out in the USA. Ghouls have of course been to the US twice now, both times holding some of my most profound memories, however this will be Riskee and the Ridicule’s first time out there. I cannot wait, not just for the adventure myself, but also to share that first time experience with them. 


Riskee & Ghouls: Story time. 
We first encountered Scott, Jimbo, Dave and Matt at a show in Camden. If I’m not mistaken it was July 2013, we’d just finished a short run of shows with OPM (”Heaven is a Halfpipe”). Over the years Ghouls have played with some incredibly talented bands who work very hard and I wouldn’t ever want to detract that from any of them, however, a lot of the bands we play with aren’t necessarily bands I would ever listen to due to my music taste not being that way inclined. At that Camden show, I wasn’t just impressed with Riskee’s set, I was genuinely a fan. I wanted to actively listen to their songs, watch them again, follow their progress – like I do with Blink or Green Day. 

After organising a few shows together and letting each other into one another’s respective musical worlds, we discovered we had a lot in common and that also both bands went well alongside each other. Not only that, but all members got on really well. At the time, the band’s goal list had “Europe tour” at number one and what better way to experience our first ever run of shows across the channel than with our new found punk friends. Riskee and Ghouls headed to Belgium and Germany in August 2014. 

(Trying to act serious in Camden – posers.)


Highlight memories: 
– Both bands quickly discovered that the hospitality for bands on the mainland is second to none; rarely do you play a show where the organisers don’t feed you and make sure you have a nice warm sleeping arrangement. The go to dish being Pasta and Tomato sauce. 

– Playing and then sleeping in a big hall in Diest; Jimbo was curled up in the middle of the floor with his snore echoing through the whole chamber. 

– Sleeping on top of, inside and underneath the cars in a car park in Mol. Accommodation had been provided but we (for some reason) decided to use the cars instead. 

(Some horrifically embarrassing evidence and also some questionable looks in the video below)

Since then both bands have been through a lot together, there’s many stories to tell but for the sake of my time and your time, here’s a some more brief highlights: 

– Europe Tour: Round 2. 
The first run of mainland shows was good but as always, the second time was better than the first. The most fond memory on this tour was a show in Ghent; a coming together of care, love and attention made for this incredible evening that I hold as one of the most significant shows in Ghouls history. 

– City Sound Project, Canterbury (2013 – 2018)
Canterbury puts on a festival every year called CSP, in which the city becomes a hub of music; each venue/bar putting on sounds from all over the genre spectrum. Both Riskee and Ghouls have played it almost every year since 2013 and it’s always a great coming together for both bands – a sort of checkpoint where we get a good catch up. 

– Ten Thousand Words On – Album Launch Show – The Monarch, Camden (4th April 2014)
This show is obviously a highlight memory for Ghouls. Our first album’s launch party and what better way to share that event with our friends in Riskee and the Ridicule. I’m so proud of that show and I’m so happy that they were there to experience it with us. 

(Ghent, Belgium – February 2015)


So there you go. Band friends. Looking forward to seeing you lot in the USA Riskee. Day 18/30 for Season 1 on the blog. Stay tuned for more.

Peace & love.

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