My weekdays in songs.

Day 17

I don’t know why but I felt the need to push out a 10 miler today. The air was crisp, there was frost along the fields and when I returned to my start point 8 miles in, I just kept going and looped another two. Such a liberating feeling, to know you can just carry on because you feel like it. Just shy of 100km over the last 7 days, better have a rest day tomorrow although (if you’ve been reading the other posts) we all know how I feel about them… 

Saturday again, luckily I have a good agenda for the weekend with plenty of plans to keep me busy from the anxieties that come with the shift of routine. Tonight the band play in Salisbury, a city I’m actually quite fond of. It’s a quaint place with lots of little traditionally British buildings, it’s residents are humble and always very welcoming to us whenever we’ve played. 

Now, I don’t like to live in the past; my focus is very much fixated on the present and, unfortunately, probably a little too much on the future. However, today I am going to reflect on the weekdays gone by, using a song to outline how I felt about each day. This week was a relatively average week in the grand scheme of life events; I ran, I went to work, I went to the gym, I did a few activities, saw my Nan etc. I think it’s important sometimes to reflect on what seems to be ‘general’ life time. When it comes to mortality, no time should be considered ‘general’ and if you dig a bit deeper, I always think you can realise that in every day there’s unique moments. “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Said John Lennon. But what if, “Life is what happens you’re wired on caffeine and endorphins on a Saturday morning, chatting nonsense on the internet”. – Only one way to find out. 

I try not to have favourites, but if I had to chose: Monday would be my favourite day of the week. This week started with an 8 mile run, in somewhat colder weather than we’ve been getting here in the UK recently. Work was good; I have some nice classes on Monday. Someone said to me that my job reminded them of Jack Black in the School of Rock, except I’m paid to be the slightly bonkers teacher who forms a rock band with the learners – it’s a pretty accurate description of what I do on a day to day. So Monday’s song can be the “School Of Rock” anthem. 10/10 movie, if you haven’t seen it. 

8.5 miles, another slightly chilly one so I was wearing a silly hat. Another good day at work being faux Jack Black (the considerably healthier version). I was very productive on Tuesday, it being my busiest day, I still managed to record the video for the song I released on Wednesday – don’t forget there’s going to be videos every Wednesday from now until (at least) the end of the year – so Tuesday’s song can be the on I uploaded (shameless). 

It was liberating knowing that video had gone up. I know it’s a cover and a very simple video but it’s the start of something I’ve been meaning to do for years. The hardest part of any idea is the execution to make that idea into a real product. I read an incredible book about start-ups called “Zero to One” – a solid recommendation for any entrepreneur and/or creative. For that, Wednesday’s theme tune can be the famous 368 (Casey Neistat’s YouTube show) soundtrack, as a shout out to my favourite entrepreneur.

Thursday I woke up pumped from the video dropping and I had also seen my Nan the night before, and she’d made me an incredible homemade Rice Pudding. The music class I take on a Thursday got a question I asked about Green Day wrong, I told them that we had to scrap the lesson plan and instead do a full comprehensive study on punk rock history so that their music taste’s could be re-educated appropriately… (obviously we stuck to the plan in the end). Thursday’s song can be this absolute banger, although a little solemn, an anthem that belongs to the month:

My Friday is somewhat opposite to the majority of Mon-Fri workers. I don’t go out, I go to bed around the same time I do every other night, I don’t drink so there’s no alcohol or anything involved, I eat ice cream and dessert almost every night of the week so I just have a relatively normal night – which I absolutely love. My lovely girlfriend came over and we watched Masterchef for whatever reason? I guess sometimes you have to take some decompression time. Friday’s song goes out to her: ❤

What an incredibly hilarious post. Your challenge, reader, is to sum up your week in songs – make a playlist and send it my way if you want. Music education is important. 

Peace & love.

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