Mark Wahlberg’s Schedule.

Day 2

So here we are, day 2. Typical of life,
this morning I was caught up in photocopying pages for a Music Technology
workbook. This meant I was unable to use my coffee-fueled post-workout creative
buzz to write today’s post. The post-lunch Americano doesn’t quite induce the
same mindset but it will have to do.

Anyway – yesterday, in the brief (not brief
enough) time I spent surfing the various popular social media outlets that I source
on my phone, I came across Mark Wahlberg’s daily schedule on Twitter. The actor,
that I personally think of as the “Matt Damon on a budget”, released his
schedule of a typical day and it went viral because people, when comparing to
their own daily routines, couldn’t believe how grueling it is.


Now in light of my post yesterday where I
shared a little bit about my day, I thought I’d share with you my typical daily
schedule, because, other than his ridiculously early morning I don’t feel Mark
Wahlberg’s schedule is really that bad. It’s just (sort of) needlessly early
and he supposedly doesn’t have any large work commitments.

Benedict’s typical schedule:


Okay, obviously, just like Mark, this
isn’t every single day but for almost all weekdays this is pretty standard. If
anything is to usually change, then it will most likely be after work; I typically
like to strength train only 4 days a week, sometimes I’ll be going out in the
evening and/or have some kind of social commitment. 

I am very much
into fitness and health, so a lot of my day is constructed around training and
eating (both activities tending to go hand-in-hand). I’m lucky that the gym is literally next
to where I work so there’s not a lot of time spent travelling. Organisation is a skill I pride myself on having (to almost military standard) – all my
workout gear, food, work-related-business, etc is prepared the night before (food is prepared weekly) meaning it’s
always ready to go for when I wake up. 

I like an early bedtime. Anybody that knows me well,
will know how much of a zombielike-unproductive-tired mess I become after
10pm. I’m so well-tuned to falling asleep at 10pm, that if there is anything
that I need to stay up for, it’s always really hard to do. The first day of
any tour or any one-off gig that’s on a Friday, I usually struggle until I get
on stage and I am confronted with the adrenaline surge of being in-front of a
crowd full of people – I absolutely love an early stage time! 


So, there we go Marky Mark, I don’t think
your schedule is that grueling. I
think you wake up a bit too early but I’m not going to question a system that
you’ve found works for you. I’m not sure I’d prioritise golf, and I don’t have
a go-to cryo chamber but I have read up on the science behind cold therapy and
it seems to be legit. I’d quite like to have a go at Wim Hof’s breathing
, but that’s for another blog post I think.

What do you think then readers? How’s my
schedule different to yours? What do you prioritise?


And just in case you wanted to read a bit
more (turns out the grande Americano is a lot of coffee), here’s a list of what
I’ve done today/what I’m doing today vs. what I wish I’d done/what I wish I was
doing today:

What I’ve done today/what I’m doing today:

1. Another solid 8-mile run. Same route as yesterday: my new favourite route.
2. I taught an incredible Music Technology lesson, in which learners created
some beats using Apple Loops. They were stoked.
3. Tonight I’m seeing an old friend that I haven’t seen in a long while.
Hopefully we’re gonna write some music.
4. I’m feeling “Friday”. I don’t mind any day of the week to be honest but this
weekend I have exciting plans and I’m looking forward to them.

I wish I’d done/what I wish I was doing today:

1. I sort of wish I lived in a mountainous area and could shoot up a trail for
my morning run. Imagine that, the feeling you’d get at the top – all before
work. I once watched a documentary on a triathlete that lives in Austria and he
starts every morning with a swim, in the lake, outside his house, with a big
mountain backdrop… #goals
2. I sort of want to, perhaps as a way of releasing some of this music that isn’t
band related, challenge myself to uploading a song per-week for a number of
weeks. Perhaps a song a week for 12 weeks or something? Would that interest
anyone? It would certainly help me to have some incentive! Let me know?
3. I wish I’d waited by my girlfriend’s car with some flowers to surprise her
this morning. I felt busy and was in a rush but then when I arrived at work, I
had a small moment of existentialism and realized that life is short and that it’s
good to put time into meaningful relationships.


Thanks again for reading. Any suggestions
or questions then: fire away.
2 days of 30, done.

Peace & love,

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